• Free 30-minute consultation to discuss your individual situation, identify the questions and issues you want to address, and to agree the number of hours you are most likely to need.

  • I offer after-work and evening sessions up to 8pm as well as day-time appointments.

  • My basic rate is £60 per hour, however if we agree that you are likely to need 3 hours you can pay £150 in advance and save £30.

  • Sessions are highly flexible- we can meet in person, or work together via email, Skype or phone, or any combination of these at your convenience, and you can spread your account over a 12 month period. I am still in touch years later with many people who come back for advice and support throughout their career development. I regularly work with clients located across the UK and overseas.

  • Here are a couple of examples to give you an idea, (also look at the case studies):

  1. Rob was about to made redundant from his job as Senior Sales Consultant, and had created a good basic CV for his plan to secure a similar role. He knew it was somehow not quite capturing his best achievements, or communicating his energy and business offer. I offered an initial detailed evaluation, and we then spent the rest of the 2 sessions on a fruitful email and phone dialogue with Rob as re-drafter, until we were both satisfied that the CV functioned as a superb representation of his offer. He is now choosing between 3 favourable job offers.

  2. Emma was seeking a career change from her demanding role as a special needs teacher. We agreed that three sessions may be needed, in order to draw out and evaluate her transferable skills, experience and knowledge, understand how her personal needs and values could be met, and consider options for the future. Emma has enrolled on a part time MSc in psychology and research, having established that fascinating work is available for someone with her experience.Our sessions included 2 hour-long consultations , along with an on-going email conversation exchanging thoughts, encouragement, ideas and practical information links over a 3 month period.

  • Your needs will be individual to you - you may simply want to send me an email with your CV, then book a single appointment of £60 to recieve detailed suggestions for improvement. You may have a career change/progression issue that will require a more in-depth exploration.

  • My customers find that 3 sessions (£150 discounted from £180) are enough to take them forward into a new world of ideas, sources of information they have never considered before, and a supportive structure that will allow them to make informed choices that make sense, as well as a much better CV presentation! Throughout this process, I offer an open and approachable service, as I know from experience that we often just need to have someone to bounce ideas off as we consider these important questions in life.

  • Just get in touch by email (directly or using the contact form) or phone, and we can discuss your needs with no obligation. If you happen to reach my answering service, do leave a message so that I can return your call.


How do you tend to go about making choices? 

Is there anything you’d do differently next time?

Right now, does your life reflect the things that are important to you?

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