"Within no time at all Jane helped me to identify what I wanted out of a career, and gave me the confidence to pursue it. She was so successful that I was offered my ideal position before I even got to complete Jane’s programme!"

These Are My Most Popular Services:

New career

The most common time to change careers after leaving education is 34-38- either a radical change or substantial shift in direction. The majority of graduates don’t work in a field directly related to their subject. 50+ and following redundancy is a popular stage to consider starting a business or becoming freelance. People who are disabled or develop a health challenge want to achieve their ambitions. You have your own reasons for wanting change, and I am here to advise and support.

Finding and using information

When you are considering your career direction, you may find yourself spending hours fruitlessly looking at jobs online or doing questionnaires- and no nearer to making a decision. You may even end up feel overwhelmed and ultimately despondent. I will help you to focus, establish clearly what you are looking for, and then suggest sources that will give you the facts that you need in order to make a decision.

Job hunting, CVs, applications, interviews, tests, networks

Career progression

Making the progress you want requires you to take charge of your career development throughout. Finding opportunities to ensure that your qualifications have kept pace with your experience, keeping up to date with changes in your sector, refreshing your genuine interest and learning so that you stay excited about what you’re doing. Or perhaps you’ve looked at the job you would get if you achieved promotion, and actually it doesn’t look like something you want to spend the next xxx years doing! Maybe the company culture isn’t a good fit for you. You may also experience difficult relationships at work, and would like coaching and employment rights advice to handle this better.

Growing self esteem

You may not be fully aware of your skills and strengths, especially if in a job that you find boring or stressful, with little constructive feedback or where you don’t feel valued. You may have ‘fallen’ into a career path that does not make use of your talents. I will give you the tools to evaluate and evidence your value, and then present this to your existing, or next employer. You may have hidden talents that could open up a new direction. You may have a personal pattern such as tending to underestimate or even sabotage your progress. I will help you to understand and move forward with these issues.

Talking and writing about yourself! Your move forward may present some new challenges-I will offer personal and practical advice/coaching about handling the selection process, based on many years of experience. Understanding how to get through selection to interview, targeted CV’s, handling tricky application and interview questions, competencies, assessment centres, negotiating terms. Creating a successful job hunting strategy, and using platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

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