Many people find that the process of producing a CV helps them to discover and express their special talents and skills, as well as to understand the priorities of the employer.

Your new CV will give a big boost to your confidence, as all your best attributes are brought together in a professionally presented document that is unique to you and clearly shows how you can benefit your new employer.

Never had a CV done?


  • Gather information – list all your experience, (paid and unpaid, family care work, agency work etc), education and training, strengths, skills, and achievements. If the CV is for a specific company or profession, find out what is required. If you are unsure where to start, I can help and advise you at every step.


  • We will arrange a 1 – hour appointment to discuss how to present your written presentation most effectively. You may find that you would like a deeper exploration and require more help and advice (sometimes it is difficult to appreciate our own talents and strengths!) You may discover exciting new choices, or find that you need to develop new areas to get the job you want.


  • I will send you a draft CV so that you can check for accuracy, and most importantly check that the CV feels authentic and uniquely yours. I do not use templates. I will then prepare a final document ready for presentation.


  • Total cost will vary depending on your needs; the minimum will be the equivalent of 2 sessions or £120.


Already have a CV, and want to know how to improve it?


  • Bring your CV along with information and within one session I can offer detailed feedback and advice on how to make improvements, for a charge of £60


What is the value of all the work that you do?

What do employers really want?
When they say “tell me about yourself”, what on earth do you say?

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